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What is it?

Tens of thousands of international students come to study in Barcelona every year. This makes Barcelona a very attractive and lucrative target for real estate agencies, brokers, and of course, scammers.

After a quick Google search, you will see thousands and thousands of housing platforms all fighting for attention. Many publishers or marketers simply exaggerate, hide some of the unattractive parts of the property or make their property sound much better than it actually is (**cough** Photoshop **cough**!!).

But how can you be sure what you see is what you get?

This is where the Studentfy House Check service shines. If you like a flat or a room but you don’t know if you can trust the description, we can check it for you. We will talk with the property owner or agent, visit the flat or room, and let you know if you should book it or not. We have been students ourselves and we know the fear of being scammed very well. This is why we are offering this service to help international students make the right decisions and not make the same mistakes we have made.



We will go and visit the property for you. We will deliver the followings:

  • Photos and videos of the entire property
  • Checking the conditions of the house
  • Making sure the images and descriptions match with the actual property
  • Consultation and honest review

How to:

  • Fill out the form below with information about the properties
  • Click on the ADD TO YOUR CART buttons above
  • Continue the payment process and receive a confirmed payment
  • Send us all the information (property information, phone number, etc) if you haven’t already
  • We will visit the property and deliver you photos and honest review
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